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Princeton UIL academic and speech teams traveled to Melissa for the first full squad tournament. Results include:

Noah Bretz:
4th-place Current Events
5th-place Social Studies

Chase Rader: 3rd-place Computer Apps
Jacob Rogers: 5th-place Computer Apps

Robbie Brewer: 4th-place Social Studies

Tristan Espinoza:
3rd-place Informative Speaking

Christopher Malhas:
3rd-place NSDA LD
2nd-place UIL LD
1st-place Informative

Vivian Long:
1st-place CX Debate
6th-place Persuasive

Hannah Rodriguez: 
3rd-place CX Debate
7th-place Persuasive

Alexis Jones:
3rd-place CX Debate
4th-place Informative Speaking

Eden Burke:
6th-place CX Debate
2nd-place Informative Speaking

Taylor Dougherty
6th-place CX Debate
2nd-place Persuasive Speaking