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Lesson on EMPATHY.

You Got Served!
Lesson one focuses on EMPATHY. 
Once upon a time I pretended to be homeless with a little surprise for anyone who was willing to be generous towards me. It was fun, but I unexpectedly experienced how people can treat the homeless. Here's what I learned: 
Learning Outcome: Help students become slow to judge and develop understanding for their fellow class mates. 
I especially like the guy at min :57 "You sure?" 
  1. Read intro together
  2. Watch the video clip
  3. Use discussion questions to deepen learning
  4. Discuss specific school problems and create solutions
  5. Read conclusion
  6. Take the challenge!
Suggestions for Use: 
  • Send out to all the teachers for classroom implementation
  • Use during FLEX or elective period
  • Implement with student leaders to establish school climate
  • Use with your YES Crew