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Tip411 is a tool to enhance student safety. It is an internet-based communication system that gives students a means to quickly and anonymously report suspicious or criminal behavior at school to administrators and school resource officers, who can respond to the tips in real time and create a two-way anonymous chat.

It provides a "safe space" for students to communicate with authority figures and gives students a voice to report issues such as:

  • -weapons in school
  • -bullying
  • -drugs
  • -potential threats
Princeton ISD believes tip411 can help students to more effectively share information anonymously.
There are two ways for students to share information:

1. iPhone or Android mobile app with free download from the App Store.

2. Text message using the school codes.
Text the school code and the tip to 847411.
For all elementary schools (Godwin, Harper, Lacy and Smith): PISDES
For Huddleston and Clark: PISDJH
For Princeton High School: PISDHS
Please note, tip411 is not a substitute for calling the police department to report any in-progress emergency. If an immediate response is needed, dial 9-1-1 in cases of emergency.