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Thank You Josh Drean!

On January 10, Huddleston attended an Anti Bullying Assembly at the High School.

Josh Drean was the guest speaker with a powerful message using lessons he learned in his own life 

and accompied it with some entertainment of beatboxing.


"What is your because?"

"What do you stand for?"

"Is who you are online the same as you are in person?"

"Before you speak or post, THINK and wonder what they are going through"


3 Rules to follow


R=Resilience (Keep your head on, if you don't, you will lose your identity)

E=Empathy (Know your audience, walk in someone else's shoes)

P=Potential (Be the hero and stand up for what's right)

Make sure you Represent!

Thank you Josh Drean for taking the time to come talk to our students!