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Huddleston becomes Living Museum

Caroline Myers, Luke Phillips and Miguel Alvarez. Huddleston students brought historical characters and celebrity figures to life through the school’s annual Living Museum.

“For the project, they picked a person from history or a celebrity,” said Olivia Robinson, who served as one of the tour guides who directed visitors to the museum. “When someone pushes their button, they come to life and talk about themselves based on who they are.”

According to the Living Museum creator, Christine Clark, the students must do extensive research to find information for their character. In addition, they create posters and displays to also share about their figure.

The 6th-graders look for famous quotes, photos and any life lessons the person may have prompted. Students must also create a Top 5 list of the words that describe their character.

“This assignment brings learning alive,” said Huddleston Principal Richard Boring. “Students get to dress the part and prepare speeches for their character. They take ownership in their projects, and their hard work is put on display.  It takes a lot of work for students to prepare speeches, posters and costumes to help the audience really understand who they are representing.”

Kaci Talent said she chose to portray Alexander Hamilton because their lives have things in common.

“I’m obsessed with Hamilton,” she said. “I got the inspiration from the soundtrack. I wanted to portray his wife, Eliza, but I couldn’t find a book about her, so I did the next best thing and decided to be Hamilton.’”

The characters were grouped in the different make-shift museum exhibits by genre or topic, including doers and dreamers, music and arts, science and technology, Hollywood, historical and political figures, literature and athletes.

Students browsed to find the characters they wanted to learn more about.

Bradley Crawford and Kendahl Sanchez. Kendahl Sanchez was listening to the characters amongst the pioneers who paved the way for technology, including Bill Gates, portrayed by Bradley Crawford. Kendahl was able to hear about the creation of Microsoft.

“This assignment prepares our students to speak and talk in front of their peers, parents and teachers,” Mr. Boring said. “This might be the first time that these students are exposed to this, and it is a good skill to learn.”


Photos include:

Rajendra Quillin as Benjamin Franklin, Alexis Hester as Cleopatra and Abby Sadler as one of the three Amelia Earharts.

In the science and technology genre, Caroline Myers was Marie Curie, Luke Phillips was Albert Einstein and Miguel Alvarez was Isaac Newton, and they stood under the posters they represented.

Kayla Rogers was Sacagawea, Vanessa Hernandez was Amelia Earhart, Kaci Talent was Alexander Hamilton, Carson Cook was Davy Crockett and Celia Huitron was Pocahontas.

Emma Degollado went down the line of historical characters and pushed the button of Kaci Talent as Alexander Hamilton.

Krista Murphy, mother of Delaney Murphy, came to see her daughter portray Amelia Earhart.

Weston Kulwicki and Deni Balak. Huddleston language arts teacher Deni Balak pushes the button to hear Weston Kulwicki’s synopsis of the life of local war and movie legend, Audie Murphy.

Kendahl Sanchez hears about the creation of Microsoft by listening to Bradley Crawford as Bill Gates.

Tour guides for the Living Museum.