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District celebrates service with awards

20-year service pin recipients.

Princeton Independent School District celebrated the end of the 2020-2021 school year by recognizing teachers and their service to PISD during a special luncheon Thursday.

In addition to recognizing long-term employees, Superintendent Donald McIntyre first addressed the teachers by congratulating them on a successful year, despite overwhelming challenges.

"Thank you faculty and staff for all your hard work throughout this year," Mr. McIntyre said. "We have faced some tremendous challenges, but in true Princeton fashion, you have worked hard and provided a safe, positive atmosphere for our students."

Mr. McIntyre emphasized that the staff had to adapt to the circumstances, which required perseverance and dedication.

"Everyone has been asked to work extra and learn new methods for reaching our students," he said. "And I believe we have risen to the challenge, and for that, I am truly grateful. That is why I can’t imagine being anywhere else."

Following his address, Mr. McIntyre and his administrators presented service pins to employees completing 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years with the district.

Honored for 30 years of service, Michelle McCord also celebrates her retirement.

Smith kindergarten teacher Michelle McCord was honored for 30 years of service, and Godwin 2nd-grade teacher Joell Morris was honored for 25 years.

Receiving 20-year service pins were: Marie Brewer, Canup; Danny Derden, Godwin; Cherie Derden, Lacy; Holli Anthony, Perry Montgomery, Clark; Chris Folsom, PHS; Terry Kellogg, Special Programs; Philip Anthony, Dr. Jackie Hendricks and Donald McIntyre, Administration.

Elementary 20-year service pins.

Receiving 15-year service pins were: Brett Hackman, Clark/CATE; Roger Garner, Cyril Papa, PHS; Nichole Powell, Special Programs; Ely Bennett, Technology; Danilo Gutierrez, Transportation; Jennifer Nantz, Canup; Dawn Myers, Meagan Turner, Godwin; Rachel Brenner, Lacy; Angela Bazan, Alisha Cofield, Lowe; and Charline Smith, Smith.

Retiring from Princeton ISD this year are: Holli Anthony (20 years), Kim Anthony (29 years), Phil Anthony (20 years), Marie Brewer (20 years), Cherie Derden (20 years), Lisa Doerre (19 years), Naureen Fielding (16 years), Jackie Folk (18 years), Richard Harvell (6 years), Gene Lowther (13 years), Michelle McCord (30 years), Brad Megert (21 years), Rene Mullins (16 years), Kay Murray (21 years), Gail Parker (8 years), Tina Pate (21 years), Armand Paquin (5 years), Roberto Rotolo (7 years), Joan Savoie (3 years), Penny Stovall (29 years), Greg Tabor (24 years) and Andrew Thomas (10 years).

Secondary Pride Corps.

This year's Pride Corps inductees were also recognized, including secondary teachers Cedrik Seefeldt (PHS), Pauline Aguilar (Clark) and Joshua Boyd (Southard) and elementary teachers Marie Cossey (Smith), Alisha Cofield (Lowe), Rhonda Jones (Lacy), Leah Meuir (Godwin), Jennifer Coburn (Harper) and Marisa Loya (Canup).

 Fellow elementary Pride Corps celebrates with Alisha Cofield.

From this group of honorees, Joshua Boyd was chosen as the secondary Teacher of the Year and Alisha Cofield was selected as elementary Teacher of the Year.

Donald McIntyre presents Joshua Boyd with his Teacher of the Year award.