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District celebrates service with awards

Neal Stellpflug is the PISD Secondary Teacher of the Year.

Despite not ending the year with a special luncheon, Princeton Independent School District continued to celebrate the end of the 2019-2020 school year by recognizing teachers and their service to PISD.

Superintendent Philip Anthony said he is grateful for the effort he witnessed this year as the district rallied together during the COVID-19 crisis.

"It was an unusual year, a very difficult time to say the least," Mr. Anthony said. "The teachers and entire community were pushed out of their comfort zone."

Mr. Anthony said he understands the sacrifices everyone had to make for the children of Princeton ISD.

"We are so appreciative to those teachers who went far above and beyond to continue to provide for their students," he said. "And a big thank you to all the parents who had to take over at home and assist the students to ensure the education of the children continued despite the circumstances."

Administrators will distribute pins to employees completing 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 35 years with the district following the final week of school and plans to properly recognize them when the district comes together again to begin the new school year.

Janice Reed, with students at Lowe, retires after 35 years.

Lowe media specialist Janice Reed was honored for 35 years of service, and Candy Copeland, PHS, April Blackwell, Clark, Karen Wilson, Godwin, Jean Lovelady, Smith, and Rhonda Smith, auxiliary services, were honored for 25 years.

Receiving 20-year service pins were: Tina Pate, administration; Lana Howell, PHS; Josh Rose, CATE; Jennifer Black, Clark; Sandra Hague, Southard; Mindi Box, Marlena Brown, Jeannie Foster and Brad Megert, Godwin; Vallery Hamilton, Lacy; and Robin Milstead, Smith.

Receiving 15-year service pins were: Patresa Bolton, Godwin; Monica Diaz and Susan Lacey, Harper; Debra Gilliam, Lowe; Pauline Aguilar, Clark; Amanda McIntire, Southard; Naureen Fielding, PHS; James Hamilton and Beth Moore, Special Programs; Patricia Doran, Billy Howard and Ric Wayman, auxiliary services; and Rene Mullins, administration.

Receiving 10-year service pins were: Tangy Lockman, Harper; Sarah Lafon, Lacy; Teresa Rodriguez and Ashley Tuter, Lowe; Amy Isham, Smith; Wendy Cain, Wilma Johnson, Eric Lockman and Matthew Riggins, PHS; Sandra Armenta, Special Programs; Julio Figueroa, Shirley Kent, Margaret Lowery and Lawrence Molck, auxiliary services; and Jean Ann Collins and Cindy Gee, administration.

Retiring from Princeton ISD this year are: Estell Paquin, administration (18 years); Crystal Telles, PHS (21 years); Sharon Baker, PHS (7 years); Charles Herndon, PHS (3 years); April Blackwell, Clark (25 years); Kim Campbell, Clark (18 years); Patresa Bolton, Godwin (15 years); Dana Kearns, Harper (13 years); and Jim Hamilton, Special Programs (15 years). 

Elementary Pride Corps.

This year's Pride Corps inductees include secondary teachers Matthew Riggins (PHS), Kelli Judge (Clark) and Neal Stellpflug (Southard) and elementary teachers Shelly Sadler (Smith), Kaci Dalby (Lacy), Mandy Pagano (Godwin), Melissa Moses (Lowe) and Tangy Lockman (Harper).

Tangy Lockman was named the Elementary Teacher of the Year.

From this group of honorees, Neal Stellpflug was chosen as the secondary Teacher of the Year and Tangy Lockman was selected as elementary Teacher of the Year.

Secondary Pride Corps.