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District celebrates service with awards

Elementary Pride Corps

Princeton Independent School District celebrated the end of the 2018-2019 school year by recognizing teachers and their service to PISD during a special luncheon Friday.

In addition to recognizing long-term employees, Superintendent Philip Anthony first addressed the teachers by congratulating them on a successful year.

"Thank you faculty and staff for another great year," Mr. Anthony said. "Princeton has achieved something that 84 percent of districts were not able to reach. That was an A rating from the Texas Education Agency."

Anthony also referenced the future of PISD.

Megan Heck

"Our growth continues," he said. "Last year we were up 332 students or 8 percent, which was our largest growth in history. But this year we are up 507 students or 12 percent. This far exceeded demographic projections, which cut our 10-year plan to just three years and led us into another planning cycle.

“Thank you for your support of our latest bond, which provides six additional campuses over the next 10 years,” Mr. Anthony continued. “This will take us from our current 4,900 students to almost 12,000.”

Anthony encouraged the staff to remain positive during this period of tremendous growth.

Secondary Pride Corps

"Our challenges in the upcoming years are great as we continue to grow," he said. "Yet, our students continue to excel because of the hard work and dedication of our staff. Thank you for all you do for the children of Princeton ISD."

Following his address, Mr. Anthony and his administrators presented service pins to employees completing 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 35 years with the district.

Lacy kindergarten teacher Trina Perkins was honored for 35 years of service, and Florence Cuffle, PHS, was honored for 25 years.

Dina D'Onfrio

Receiving 20-year service pins were: Stephanie Crawford, Harper; Margie Hernandez, Lacy; Eric Venters, Smith; Melissa McClure, Huddleston; Sally Hooks, Clark; Brandon Brewer and Crystal Telles, PHS.

20-year service pin recipients.

Receiving 15-year service pins were: Kristi Foster, Godwin; Bonita Beckham, Amber Bolan and Margo Ivy, Harper; Sharon Randolph, Lacy; Kelly Edmonds, Smith; Lia Brewer, Debra Brewer, Maria Emerson and James Lovelady, PHS; Rachel Self and Joyce Swift, administration.

Receiving 10-year service pins were: Aurelia Cordova, Brenda McKnight, Natalie Ott and Debra Powell, Godwin; Cristi Prentice, Lacy; Brittney Powell, Smith; Christine Clark and Brynn Johnson, Huddleston; Karla Douglas, Joe Fears, Paulino Frias, Windy Little, Alfredo Loera, Wayne McKee and Ginger McKee, auxiliary services; and Rachel Nicks, administration.

James Lovelady presents 25-year pin to Florence Cuffle.

Retiring from Princeton ISD this year are: Crystal Ruble, Huddleston (21 years); Linda Hill, Lacy (18 years); Hugh Mantooth, Lacy (18 years); Jan Staley, Clark (17 years); and Debra Powell, Godwin (10 years). 

This year's Pride Corps inductees were also recognized, including secondary teachers Kellye Hooks (PHS), Dina D’Onofrio (Clark) and Terri Monk (Huddleston) and elementary teachers LaDonna Bingman (Smith), Melanie Brown (Lacy), Aurelia Cordova (Godwin) and Megan Heck (Harper).

From this group of honorees, Dina D’Onofrio was chosen as the secondary Teacher of the Year and Megan Heck was selected as elementary Teacher of the Year.

Lacy Principal Thomas Osburn presents 35-year service pin to Trina Perkins.