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Transportation methods shift for neighborhood schools

Two crossing guards currently man the intersection near Southard.

With the development of new neighborhoods and the construction of sidewalks along thoroughfares, Princeton ISD will shift from using bus service in a few neighborhoods and move toward allowing students to walk to and from school.

Effective with the 2022-2023 school year, elementary students living in the neighborhoods of Winchester Crossing, Bridgewater and Cypress Bend will no longer be provided bus transportation because there are safe routes and sidewalks available. In addition, secondary students living in Crossroads will now walk.

“This basically means that some of our students who have been bus riders in the past will now be walkers,” said Philip Anthony, PISD executive director of operations. “We have determined there are safe routes within these neighborhoods, and they are within the state-designated 2-mile distance.”

According to TEA regulations, when safe routes are available within a neighborhood, students living within two miles of a school can walk.

Students living in Cypress Bend will be walking to Lowe Elementary, while Winchester Crossing residents will walk to Harper Elementary. Students living in the new Bridgewater development will have safe routes to Mayfield Elementary, which is currently under construction in that neighborhood. Secondary students in the Crossroads development will walk to Princeton and Lovelady high schools and Clark Middle School.

In addition to the existing sidewalks, PISD will provide crossing guards where deemed necessary.

“We anticipate utilizing crossing guards at the busier intersections,” Mr. Anthony said.

As the beginning of next school year nears, PISD will provide in-depth details, including neighborhood maps, as well as diagrams showing which intersections will be manned with a crossing guard.

“The district is currently working out these details,” he said. “We are trying to determine the best locations for crossing guards.”