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Godwin kicks off Bookworm Challenge

Avery Akins.

In an effort to create an excitement for reading, as well as an environment of readers, Godwin’s administration and staff have created a private Facebook group with the leadership of dyslexia therapist, Shelly Sadler.

Godwin’s Bookworm Challenge group allows students to accept weekly challenges and post pictures of them reading outside of school and fulfilling those challenges.

Isabel Velasco.

“The first week’s challenge was to read outside,” Mrs. Sadler said. “Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of this beautiful weather?”

When students post themselves reading, they earn their very own bookworm buddy to read to or with for the following challenges.

Malina Drake.

“It has been a hit so far,” Mrs. Sadler said. “Several students have already received their buddy. We want this to encourage reading and hopefully create an excitement for new adventures through reading.”

According to Mrs. Sadler, the Facebook group is a simple place for students to share what they are reading.

“Anytime any student reads a book or someone reads it to them, they can post it along with a picture to the Facebook group, so we as a campus can celebrate with them,” she said.

Sydney Davis.

Mrs. Sadler has encouraged Godwin teachers to interact with the bookworm posts.

“If they see a post that has not been commented on, I want them to share an encouraging comment,” she said. “Also, I think it would be really neat to share read alouds on the page once or twice a six weeks. Any teacher that feels led to read a story can do so.”

Tobey Sanders.

In addition, teachers are encouraged to share the books they are reading in their spare time.

To kick off the reading program, there were 300 bookworm buddies on hand, half of which were provided by the Godwin campus PTO.

Liam Fair.

For families without Facebook, students can still participate by emailing a photo with the book information to their teachers, who will share it with Mrs. Sadler to post.

“I am beyond proud of Shelly's hard work with this,” Godwin Principal Marlena Brown said. “It will become a Godwin tradition that is remembered and celebrated by our kids and families, and that is a huge deal.”

Valeria Flores.