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El Dorado donates car for after-prom giveaway

Kaileigh Dorado, Susana Vasquez, Jade Auriemme, Mia Henrichs and Jonathon Clayton.

In an effort to keep the students safe following the annual formal spring dance, PHS will host another after-prom bash, and El Dorado Mazda and Chevrolet will give away another car.

This is the sixth consecutive year El Dorado in McKinney has donated a vehicle to Princeton High School. This year’s prize is a red 2013 Chevrolet Impala LTZ. One lucky licensed Princeton student will win the car at the end of the after-prom party at the high school Saturday, May 15.

Students must attend the after-prom celebration and be present to win.

"I am excited that El Dorado is sponsoring our after-prom party again this year," Principal Clint Sadler said. "Our goal is to have a safe place for kids to go after the prom, and this is a great idea because it gives them an incentive to come and enjoy the party and keeps them safe. And they could get a free car."

All PHS students are invited to attend the after-prom party regardless if they attend prom or not. Admission is free for anyone with a prom ticket. Admission for juniors and seniors without a prom ticket is $5. Admission for 9th- and 10th-graders is free. After-prom starts at 11:30 p.m. and ends at 1:30 a.m.

In addition to the grand prize car raffle, there will be other raffle items and activities, including casino games and food.

“Honestly, this is so awesome,” said senior NHS officer Mia Henrichs. “This is very generous and students look forward to going to after-prom for the chance to win.”

The car is free, but the winner will need to pay costs associated with the tax, title and license.

“This is such a good chance for people who don’t have the means to get a car,” said senior Student Council officer Jade Auriemme. “A free car is a free car, and there isn’t anything wrong with that. You still have to get insurance and keep it filled with gas, but you aren’t out the cost of buying a car.”

There is only one reason El Dorado partners with PHS.

“We aren’t in this to make money,” said El Dorado’s Jonathon Clayton, who came up with this giveaway idea. “I love Princeton, and we just want to make sure everyone’s kids are taken care of after prom. This party keeps kids safe, and mom and dad don’t have to worry about where they are.”

The drawing for the car will be held at the end of the party at PHS.

“We want the students to stay at the party, so we won’t be giving away the car until the end of the night,” Mr. Sadler said. “The kids always have fun at the after-party so we are hoping for a big turnout.”

Photo information (above): from left, PHS student leaders Kaileigh Dorado, Susana Vasquez, Jade Auriemme and Mia Henrichs and El Dorado representative Jonathon Clayton. (in teaser photo): from left, student leaders Susana Vasquez, Mia Henrichs, Jade Auriemme and Kaileigh Dorado and El Dorado representative Jonathon Clayton.