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Pre-K students participate in Hour of Code

Liam Mahoney.

The Pre-K classes at Canup participated in the 2020 "Hour of Code" event.

"The Hour of Code began four years ago as a one-hour coding/programming challenge to give students a fun first introduction to computer science and has become a global learning event, celebration, and awareness event," said Pre-K teacher Jennifer Nantz. "It is held every year during Computer Science Education Week."

In preparation for the event, coding robots called BEE BOTS were introduced during learning stations.

"We also learned new vocabulary, such as program, algorithm, debug, clear and execute," she said. "Later in the year I will introduce another coding robot called Cubetto."

The Pre-K event included activities which were "plugged," or device driven, and "unplugged," which are non-device driven. The students also encoded the first letters of their names into binary and made binary letter bracelets.

Students in Ms. Nantz's class explore with BEEBOT.

Lupe Rojas’s Pre-K class also participated in Hour of Code by making binary bracelets.

“Students used a binary decoder key to find the binary pattern for the first letter of their first name and chose two different colors for their pattern,” Ms. Rojas said. “They created their letter bracelets using those two colors and their letter pattern.”

This lesson illustrated how computers encode into binary, which represents information using only two options.

"This is my fourth year coding with Pre-K students and my third year hosting an Hour of Code event," Ms. Nantz said. "I will continue to integrate coding and computer science activities into the curriculum throughout the remainder of the year. This early exposure to computer science helps foster creativity, problem-solving skills and much more."

Students in Ms. Rojas' class show their binary bracelets.

About the photos: Liam Mahoney shows off his binary letter bracelet.

Kasside Daniels, Ruby Hawkins and Alyssa Throckmorton work with a BEE BOT.

Jacob Reyes, Saron Yosef, Devany Frias and Dakota Nix are showing off their letter bracelets.

Kyrie Caldwell is making his letter K bracelet.