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Lowe embraces cultural diversity

Kamila Rivera and Principal Jeff Coburn.

The Lowe bilingual program wanted students to celebrate their heritage so they hosted an exhibition featuring poetry, riddles, artwork and songs to showcase other cultures.

“Lowe Elementary is a diverse campus with students from all over the world,” said bilingual teacher and exhibition coordinator Aurelia Cordova. “We wanted to make sure our English language learners shared their culture and understand how special it is to our Lowe family.”

The project consisted of students choosing either a poem, song or riddle representing their culture.

“Recognizing Hispanic heritage and celebrating multiculturalism allows us to bring our diverse experiences and culture into our school,” Ms. Cordova said. “Our students feel important and part of our Lowe community by celebrating their unique heritage and representing our country's diversity. That allows us to share and learn from experience.”

The students could bring a poem, song or riddle written on paper or have it recorded as a video, and they could even use their native language.

“It was interesting to see some of the students singing songs from their county or their parents' country,” Ms. Cordova said. “Some of them were wearing traditional costumes and singing or reading in their first language. It was amazing to see participation from our virtual students as well.”

Lowe Principal Jeff Coburn and the project organizers were excited to see how students and parents responded to the project.

“They worked hard on decorating their project, and some of their projects were art creations,” Ms. Cordova said. “Some of our students dressed up in traditional outfits from their cultural background.”

One student presented the country's flag in the background, while another placed a “Day of the Dead” altar as their background.

“It was lovely to see students and parents work together to share a little about their culture,” Ms. Cordova said.

Kamila Rivera, who is a 5th-grader at Lowe, chose a poem from her home country of Puerto Rico.

“I picked it because I liked what it said about Puerto Rico where I’m from,” Kamila said. “I decorated it using the three colors of Puerto Rico. I found out a lot of people love Puerto Rico.”

First-grader Delilah Rodriguez chose a poem about chickens.

“I picked the poem because it was about chickens and Mexico, and chickens are cute,” Delilah said. “I like making stuff and creating things and coloring the pictures. I like sharing where my family is from.”

About the photos:


Above, 5th-grader Kamila Rivera showed off her Puerto Rican poem to Principal Jeff Coburn.


Sofia Ramos featured the poem “Oh Bandera” showing off the colors of the Mexican flag.

 Sofia Ramos chose "Oh Bandera."

Casie Cortez, Naomi Torres and Josue Martinez, Kindergarten students in Angela Bazan’s class, point to their project.

 Casie Cortez, Naomi Torres and Josue Martinez

Delilah Rodriguez and Christian Maldonado, 1st-graders in Kerrie Beaver’s class, point to their project.

 Delilah Rodriguez and Christian Maldonado.

Thalia Patino, Mia Montoya and Valentina Trinidad, 2nd-graders in Andres Aguila’s class, point to their project.

 Thalia Patino, Mia Montoya and Valentina Trinidad

Angie Quintero, a 2nd-grader, sings “La Llorona,” a traditional Mexican folk song made popular by the movie “Coco.”

 Angie Quintero sings "LaLlorona."

Siblings Noeli Vazquez, 4th grade, and Noe Vazquez, 2nd grade, sang “Recuerdame,” from the Disney movie “Coco.”

Noeli Vazquez