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Godwin staff members care for their students

Christie Pate organizes the Godwin Care Closet.

Teachers at Godwin Elementary work together to make sure they have the ability to take care of their students who may not have the resources they need at home.

The campus has a fully stocked “Care Closet” to provide hygiene items for students who may not have them available.

Christie Pate, who is a paraprofessional for special education and keeps the care closet up and running to assist students, found the idea a few years ago on Facebook.

“The idea came from a post I saw on Facebook, but I’m not sure where it originated,” she said. “So we took the idea and started our own closet four years ago.”

According to Mrs. Pate, the closet stocks a wide variety of hygiene products, as well as items like socks and gloves. Some of the routine hygiene needs include deodorant, feminine products and soap.

Godwin Care Closet “The idea is when a teacher notices a hygiene issue or a need with a student in their classroom, they can bring the student to ‘go shopping,’” She said. “We give them a bag to put their stuff in. Often, if they have a sibling, they will ask if they can get extra things for their siblings.”

The basic items are primarily stocked by the teachers and staff at Godwin. However, the closet coordinators have reached out to the community to help.

“We would like the community to provide IPSY-style bags that we will use to stock with feminine products so that the girls have a little bag they can discreetly carry with them to the restroom,” Mrs. Pate said. “This is our most used item.”

Once students know about the closet, they will often return to the closet when they need something.

“We try to make it as comfortable as possible so student will continue to feel like they have a resource for these items,” she said.

The care closet is a necessary resource for Godwin students, and organizers want to keep it open.

“We are always accepting donations,” Mrs. Pate said. “This closet has provided for so many students since we started it years ago, and we want to be here for our kids.”