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Panthers kick off football season with "Our Day to Shine"

Our Day to Shine logo

The Princeton Panthers kick off their football season with a scrimmage vs. Sherman, and they want to use the opportunity to raise funds for people in need. Admission to the scrimmage, which is scheduled for 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 17, is free, but the team encourages fans to bring cash to make a donation.

The “Our Day to Shine” is coordinated by the Texas High School Coaches Association. To participate, schools simply designate one of the scrimmages as "Our Day to Shine" with donations sent to the THSCEF Benevolence Fund.

“Participating in ‘Our Day to Shine’ gives our athletes, coaches and school a great opportunity for community service, as well as a chance to give to a worthy cause,” Head Football Coach Clint Surratt said. “We take the time to talk to our players about this opportunity and explain why we are doing it. It helps reinforce our message about community service.”

THSCA foundation logo The THSCEF Benevolence Fund allows the coaches’ association to help beyond the present permanent injury and memorial benefits to help student athletes with hardship cases.

The football team will get support from the cheer program during this effort.

“We always like to involve cheer, and they are always willing to lend a hand,” he said. “We hope to have a few donation buckets for them to circulate to give fans an opportunity to drop a few dollars in the bucket.”

The THSCA education foundation’s benevolence fund was established to assist athletes and coaches experiencing hardships. To date, “Our Day to Shine” has involved more than 1,165 schools and raised more than $721,000 for the THSCEF Benevolence Fund. The Texas High School Coaches Education Foundation has paid more than $641,000 to athletes and coaches in need.

“This money will be used to help the families of players and coaches going through a tough time,” Coach Surratt said. “I know this fund has done a lot of good for people in need.”