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Summer workout program offered for athletes

Princeton ISD will begin the summer strength and conditioning program for athletes next week. The workouts will be held at the indoor facility at PHS, as well as Southard and Clark middle schools to provide better distancing.

In addition, this year’s strength and conditioning workouts will be offered free to the students.

“We have put a program in place that we believe is the safest way to introduce the athletes into summer strength and conditioning, while also following the guidelines put in place by the UIL,” said PISD Athletic Director Stacey Dillard. “This structure allows our athletes to continue to bond and workout together while also keeping them safe during this uncertain time.”

Athlete safety will be the first priority moving into the summer.

Key precaution aspects of the workout program include:

- Hygiene, as hand washing will be emphasized before, during and after workouts and skills sessions.

- Cleaning and sanitation, with sanitizing stations in the weight room, outside and in the indoor to be used before, during and after workouts.

- Safe access to facilities, with a designated spot to enter the facility and exit the facility for each site to limit personal interaction and implement social distancing.

- Princeton coaches will keep a 1:20 coach-to-student ratio at all times.

To acclimate athletes to the new procedures, the first two days of strength and conditioning will be devoted to proper protocols.

“We will coach the athletes in the proper procedures in social distancing from the moment they enter the facilities to the moment they leave,” Coach Dillard said.

For PHS, students will be trained on procedures June 8-9 with actual workouts set to begin June 10. At the middle school level, students will learn social distancing procedures June 15-16 and begin workouts June 17.

Since UIL requires blackout dates for summer conditioning, there will be built-in periods of no activity, which are July 6-9 and July 20-21.

Workout dates include:

June 8-11 (high school only)

June 15-18

June 22-25

June 29-July 2

July 13-16

July 22-23

July 27-30

Because of safety precautions, it will be important for each athlete to bring their own water bottle.

“We will not have the usual water dispensers available for them as we have in the past,” Coach Dillard said. “The touchless bottle refilling stations will be available to use, but drinking from the fountain will not be allowed.”

In addition, athletes need to bring a large towel to use during the workouts.

“PISD will provide spray bottles, cleaning wipes and paper towels to clean the areas where each student will be working out,” Coach Dillard said. “And our complete list of precautions, procedures and guidelines, as well as our goals and philosophy surrounding summer workouts, will be provided to each athlete prior to the start of workouts.”

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