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Local firm donates equipment to engineering program

Jim Hargis, Alex Salinas, Matthew McCreary, Staff Sgt. Blackwood and Mike Korbuly, project manager at FabHar.

Students in the engineering program at PHS are currently designing their “tiny dream homes” and will be printing their blue prints. This task will be up to industry standards thanks to a donation by the Princeton firm, FabHar, and owners Jim and Gayna Hargis.

FabHar specializes in metal fabrication and installation as part of the commercial construction industry and provided engineering students with a 24-inch plotter.

“The engineering students and I are still reeling from the generous donation,” CATE engineering instructor Naureen Fielding said. “The generous donation has sparked a feel-good event that has the students excited about designing their own dream ‘tiny house’ and printing the blueprints.”

A plotter is a printer designed for printing vector graphics, and instead of printing individual dots on the paper, plotters draw continuous lines, which make them ideal for printing architectural blueprints, engineering designs and other CAD drawings.

A plotter, which utilizes an actual pen, pencil, marker or other writing tool, prints more precisely than a traditional printer and was one of the first types of printers that could render full-size engineering drawings.

“The plotter is spectacular, and the senior engineering design and problem solving students will be using it to complete their last major project,” Mrs. Fielding said.

FabHar owner Jim Hargis and project manager Mike Korbuly were at PHS right before spring break to drop off the donated plotter and interacted with the advanced engineering students, including Alex Salinas.

“Alex is entering the Army and has been supported and mentored by his recruiter to begin coursework and use his GI Bill to earn his engineering degree,” Mrs. Fielding said.

In addition, within hours of the donation, students had already studied the set-up instructions and prepared the plotter for wireless interface with the computers.

“We want to thank FabHar for supporting Princeton High School and our engineering program,” Mrs. Fielding said. “I really enjoy sharing the importance and value of their effort to support our engineering program with the community.”

About the photos:

Pictured above are, from left, Jim Hargis, Alex Salinas, Matthew McCreary, Staff Sgt. Blackwood and Mike Korbuly, project manager at FabHar. 

Pictured below are, from left, Sydney Bazan, Lillian Rodriguez, Jim Hargis, Mike Korbuly, Jesus Lobata Chicano and Diego Rocha.

Students Sydney Bazan, Lillian Rodriguez, Jesus Lobata Chicano and Diego Rocha accept the donation.