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PHS students fight social isolation

Abby Raudales and Dillon Moncier join others to write positive notes.

The Josten’s Renaissance Pride Time at PHS has set a goal to make everyone feel welcome. With that mission in mind, they want all students to have someone to eat lunch with so they know they are not alone.

As part of National No One Eats Alone Day, the JRen students spearheaded the project that started with a special table in the cafeteria.

“The JRen group launched a ‘New Student Table’ during all three lunches,” said JRen sponsor Robyn May. “Their hope was to provide a place for new students to sit on their first few days of school.”

With this simple start, the JRen Pride Time prepared for the larger outreach of No One Eats Alone Day.

“We hosted this event because we want to end social isolation, and we want all students at Princeton High School to feel included,” Ms. May said. “We invited students to put away their phones and ask others to sit with them at lunch.”

In addition, JRen students organized table talk card games for them to play and pledge cards for them to sign.

According to Ms. May, National No One Eats Alone Day is a fun, schoolwide lunch event that takes place on the same day at schools across the country. By simply inviting another student to sit at a table, PHS joined thousands of students across the country who are helping to create an environment where everyone feels included.

JRen students created the Kindess Tree.

As a part of spreading this positive, welcoming atmosphere, JRen students created the Kindness Tree that is “planted” near the cafeteria. Its branches are full of positive messages for anyone needing an extra pick-me-up during their day.

“We had students help us make notes,” said Sarah Flores, one of the creators of the Kindness Tree. “We added the notes to the tree and we passed them out.”

They described the tree as a way to make people smile.

“We want people to read the notes on the tree and feel happy,” said JRen student Abby Raudales. “If someone is having a bad day, the tree is here for them to read. It’s here to spread awareness that people care and no one should feel alone.”