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District conducts life-saving training

Jovanna Bass and Dr. Robert Rankins.

House Bill 496 requires all Texas public and charter school personnel to participate in Stop the Bleed training, and Princeton ISD security director Brent Collins has begun the process to ensure the district is compliant with the mandates.

In addition, H.B. 496 mandates that schools install bleed control kits and requires training be made available to students in 7th grade and higher.

“House Bill 496 was enacted in response to an increase in school shootings in an effort to make sure school districts were prepared to handle this type of trauma care,” Mr. Collins said. “Our goal is to eventually have every employee go through the training.”

According to Mr. Collins, training initially started with all campus administrators because they are the personnel who have the ability to move through the building in the event of an emergency.

Clint Sadler applies tourniquet.

“The principals and assistant principals aren’t inside classrooms teaching students, so they will be the ones with the flexibility to tend to injuries if the need arises,” he said.

The district nursing staff will be trained as soon as they return from break during one of the January staff development days.

In addition to administrators, the first training sessions featured coaches and specific CATE teachers.

"We felt like these teachers would be the most likely to deal with possible trauma, resulting from bus accidents or accidental injuries as part of their course involvement," Mr. Collins said. “For instance, the culinary students use sharp knives, and the ag and construction students are around sharp tools, saws and equipment.”

Princeton ISD is fortunate to have the assistance of Dr. Robert Rankins, who specializes in emergency medicine. He previously served as the doctor for the Collin County Sheriff's Office S.W.A.T. team and went on call-outs.

Crystal Telles packs a simulated wound.

In addition, Dr. Rankins invented the B.O.A., which is a tactical tourniquet, and he is volunteering his time to help train teachers and nurses to properly use the tourniquet, which is part of the Stop the Bleed kits that PISD utilizes.

“He has revolutionized the tourniquet,” Mr. Collins said. “It's a much better product than anything else on the market. It is twice as fast to put on as the nearest competitor.”

Statistics show the leading cause of death following a trauma is blood loss.

“Our goal with these tourniquets is effectively stopping blood flow as quick as possible,” Dr. Rankins said. “This gives the highest probability of saving a life.”

According to Dr. Rankins, 4 seconds is the record for the fastest application of the BOA tourniquet. However, during early PISD training, some of the PISD staff were able to secure their tourniquets in 8-9 seconds.

Matt Riggins practices with the robotic mannequin.

Mr. Collins and Dr. Rankins were assisted in training with the help of Dr. Rankins’ special friend, a $40,000 robotic mannequin that actually "bleeds." For training purposes, they used water.

“PISD is conducting training in conjunction with the Princeton Fire Department,” Mr. Collins said. “We are trying to get all the agencies in this area to use the BOA tourniquet so there is consistency with emergency response and everyone is familiar with the tourniquet use.”

Each PISD school now has an outfitted bag in the nurse's office. In addition, every AED (automated external defibrillator) station in the district is equipped with a bleed kit. The BOA bleed kit contains: the tourniquet, approved for use in battlefield trauma care by the U.S. armed forces; chest seals; compression bandages; bleeding control bandages, blanket, latex free gloves, markers, scissors and instruction documents, which were developed by the American College of Surgeons through Homeland Security to provide details for methods to prevent blood loss following a traumatic event.

“And the best part is that we hope to eventually have everyone working in the district trained to use the life-saving device,” Mr. Collins said.

Brent Collins conducts Stop the Bleed course.