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PHS implements Pride Time for students

Kyle Lamothe leads the pledge in sign language.

The Panthers should expect an increase in school spirit this year as a couple of groups are using the new Pride Time to boost their mission of supporting PHS student activities. PHS implemented Pride Time this school year to get students plugged in to different groups based on their interests.

Pride Time is designated every day after 2nd period and runs into the daily break before 3rd period.

“The goal of Pride Time is to allow students to pursue different interests that may not be offered as an official course,” said PHS Principal Clint Sadler. “This is also an opportunity for teachers to make connections with students and ultimately become a mentor for those students. Ideally, we want the teachers and students to build relationships, and this setting will allow that because it removes the pressures of having grades attached to it.”

Students do not receive credit or grades for Pride Time, but it is required and attendance is taken.

Dre Holmes plays Cash card game during tournament.

“Each teacher had to come up with something to offer that interested them or they were passionate about,” Mr. Sadler said. “This will allow for better connections to be made between the teachers and students because they will have similar interests.”

There are roughly 75 different Pride Time options because some teachers teamed up for the same subject.

In keeping with the theme of Panther pride and spirit, Matt Riggins’ Pride Time revolves around his students who are involved in Patrol and Maroon Crew.

“It’s basic school spirit,” Mr. Riggins said. “This week when we met, we planned what we wanted to do at the upcoming games. We also set aside a day to make posters for the games.”

Cheyenne Strawinski learns American Sign Language to the pledge of allegiance.

The Maroon Crew was out in full force at the recent home volleyball game with everyone dressed in a western, cowboy theme.

The plan for Pride Time is to reach every student by giving them a place to fit in and explore their interests.

Pride Time offerings include, wellness, dance, sports history, card games, entrepreneurship, recycling, chess, dance, Dungeons and Dragons, because I said I would, random acts of kindness, crime scene investigation and American Sign Language.

“The American Sign Language class filled up so quickly, we added two more teachers for the same subject,” Mr. Sadler said.

Pam Ramos follows ASL instructions.

Pride Time morphed from brainstorming a lot of ideas.

“We talked to a ton of schools who had variations of the Pride Time concept, but the PHS Pride Time is a little different,” Mr. Sadler said. “If other schools were offering clubs, it was normally only done on a certain day of the week and sometimes after school. Most schools who were offering the course every day did not have it designed like a club concept, it was more of a homeroom or a time for study hall. We took all the ideas and derived our version from that.”

Students say they are enjoying Pride Time since they got to pick something they were already interested in pursuing.

"I like to dance, so it made sense to take dance for my Pride Time," student Brianna Torres said.

Student April Ruiz also has dance for her Pride Time.

Anna Bewley with the Future Teachers of America club.

"I like it because we get to interact with one another and learn cool dances," she said. "It's like we can goof off but still learn while we're doing it."

Maria Lima is in the pre-med Prime Time, which is taught by biology teacher Emily Leitnick.

"Pre-med is something I was very interested in," Maria said. "We learn what we need to do to get into medical school, and we also learn about the different specialties that are available in the medical field. I can't wait to get into cardio."

Alexa Walker is part of the "because I said I would" Prime Time, which is a club created by counselors Kayla Walling and Wendy Cain based off the recent key-note speaker at the high school, Alex Sheen, who launched the non-profit organization.

"Our goal is to do stuff to help the community," Alexa said. "I didn't choose a Pride Time topic. I left it open just to see what class I got, and I'm glad I got this one. We come up with ideas we think will help the community. We've already sent out postcards."

Bailey Bautista is in the chess club Pride Time with teacher Cedrik Seefeldt.

"I was interested in the Dungeons and Dragons club because I wanted to learn how to play, but it was already full, so I ended up in chess,” Bailey said. “It was my second choice because it's also something I was interested in, and I wanted to learn how to play. So far, I've been playing chess with my friend who is in there, but he's been playing chess for 10 years, so all I'm doing is losing, but I have picked up a few techniques."