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Two new nurses come to Princeton ISD

Christine Killingsworth, nurse at Lacy.

Two new additions to the PISD family have traded their ICU and ER patients to treat elementary kids with bloody noses and stomach bugs, and they both come with ties to the district.

Christine Killingsworth and Leighann Pauley are both school nurses on their new campuses at Lacy and Lowe elementary schools, respectively, and they say they are so glad to be here with the students in the place they now call home.

Christine was contacted about the opening by her former PHS volleyball coach, Donald McIntyre, who is now the assistant superintendent for student services.

“I have always been interested in being a school nurse in the future, I just didn't expect to get the opportunity so soon,” said Christine, who was working in the Level I trauma center at Medical City-Plano. “Everything just seemed to fall into place. I was a week out from delivering our first child, baby girl Zoey, when I received the call asking if I would be interested in interviewing for the job. Once my husband and I discussed the opportunity, everything just felt right.”

Leighann Pauley, school nurse at Lowe.

The 2006 PHS grad immediately called her sister-in-law, Leighann, to tell her about the job postings. Leighann, who is married to Christine’s brother, Scott, was working in the intensive care unit at the time, and Scott was also a PHS grad in the Class of 2008.

“We were starting a family and wanted something closer to home with normal work hours, and I have always wanted to work with kids,” Leighann said. “So when Christine told me they were hiring school nurses in Princeton, it felt meant to be.”

McIntyre said he always keeps former students on his radar when it comes to job openings with Princeton ISD.

“I think it’s neat to look around the room during new teacher orientation to see former students who are a product of our education system who have returned here for their career,” he said.

The two nurses attended the same nursing school, West Coast University, but did not really know each other until their last semester when Leighann started dating Christine’s brother. But now they will get to work together in Princeton.

“I am very excited we are getting to experience this opportunity together,” Christine said.

They say they are both up for a different nursing challenge.

“I am looking forward to helping kids and keeping them healthy to do the best they can in school,” Leighann said. “I will miss being that person that was there to help my patients in their biggest time of need, but I look forward to being able to make a difference in all the of students’ lives, too.”

In addition to working together to treat the children at Lacy and Lowe, the two will also be neighbors soon as they have both purchased houses in Princeton.

“We just built a home in Arcadia Farms, and Leighann and I will be living just a few streets apart with our baby girls just 10 months apart,” Christine said. “We cannot wait for them to grow up together in this community.”