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Godwin students build models

Godwin students show off models.

With music from the 1940s playing over the intercom, 5th-graders at Godwin Elementary paraded through the halls with their World War II creations to kick off Memorial Day recognitions.

According to Godwin 5th-grade social studies teachers, students had lessons focused on World War II, as well as the weaponry involved in this combat. To help teach this unit of study, teachers assigned a project to research World War II weapon systems. To bring this information to life, students constructed a model of their chosen creation.

 Students parade through halls.

Inventions ranged anywhere from standard planes and tanks to missiles and elaborate battleships.

For instance, one 5th-grade class produced several bombers, including the B-24 Liberator, as well as tanks, such as the Mark V. In addition to these weapons, one student’s work featured a Hawker Nimrod, which is a British carrier-based, single-engine fighter biplane built in the early 1930s. Several students chose to make model atomic bombs.

Kindergarten students watch parade.

Once constructed, students displayed their models before taking them on a parade through the hallways for all the students to see. It was like a traveling exhibit. This tour also passed by several judges, who were asked to vote on their favorites.


One volunteer, Joe Kaufman, was on-hand as a visiting judge. He said his grandfather worked on bombers, including the B-24 and B-26.


After votes were tallied, the top three student projects were named. They are:

Jonathan Sanchez with a Tiger II tank, Leeyah Abercrumbia with a Yamato battleship and Sergio Garcia with a P-40 Warhawk.

Godwin students display their inventions. Godwin students display inventions.