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Seniors honored during athletic banquet

All-Star Scholar Athletes.  

The PHS Athletic Booster Club hosted the first-ever senior awards banquet to honor students in the Class of 2019 for their dedication as student athletes.


All-Star Scholar Athletes (Top 10 athletes by GPA):

    • Faith Gunther
    • Melissa Avila
    • Braden Miller
    • Laura Staley
    • Madison Harris
    • Cameron Wilson
    • Tristan Gee
    • Carter Stine
    • Kat Bailey
    • Jeremy Norvell Jr.

Trailblazer award recipients.

Trailblazer Awards:

Criteria for Trailblazer Award includes:

-Sportsmanship (respect coaches, officials, opponents and teammates)

-Commitment (toward practice, games and continued improvement)

-Honesty (playing by rules and character)

-Positive attitude and enthusiasm toward their sport both on and off the field/court

-Toughness (both mental and physical)

-Work ethic in classroom, as well as on the field/court


-Focus and discipline

-Perseverance (overcoming challenges)


Aiden Carter-Football

Madisyn Kile-Powerlifting

Aiden Carter-Powerlifting

Athena Kirby-Volleyball

Melissa Avila-Cross Country

Alana Seymore-Track

Jose Almaguer-Cross Country

Kat Bailey-Trainer

Haven Ousley-Basketball

Haley McCracken-Basketball

Haley Bell-Cheer

Danny Vasquez-Soccer

Tristan Gee-Baseball

Cameron Wilson-Softball

Carter Stine-Golf

Kaitlyn White-Tennis

Rebecca Williams-Wrestling

Leo Munguia-Wrestling

Cody Budd-Track

Athletic scholarship recipients.

Athletic Booster Club scholarships:

Kyler Cook

Madison Harris

Alana Seymore

Madison Kile

Aimmin Chouaibi

Laura Staley

Tristan Gee

Lizbeth Barreto

Peter Popoola

Preston Orr