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Godwin organizes cultural program

Chicky Solis and Eve Pate. Godwin Elementary School took advantage of the recent Cinco de Mayo holiday by introducing students to an elaborate cultural experience with the help of a Mariachi band and traditional ballet folklorico dancers.

The program was spearheaded by music teacher Aaron Flores, Aracely Solis, who is a paraprofessional with the accelerated math instruction program, and Christi Pate, who is a paraprofessional with the special education department.

“Our campus has a large Hispanic population, and we feel that it is important to educate our students and bring cultural awareness,” Mr. Flores said. “This event was beneficial to students because it showed students how to celebrate history and cultures that are not always our own.

"By doing this, students can have pride, not only in their Mexican heritage, but in each of their own unique heritages and backgrounds," Mr. Flores continued.

The celebration kicked off with the music of the Mariachi band. The program also featured two students, Valeria Torres and Rubi Galaviz, who read about the history of Cinco de Mayo in both Spanish and English. 

The hallways had the feel of a Fiesta, thanks to the Mexican decorations created by the 3rd-, 4th- and 5th-graders.

In addition to the visual flavor, students also got a taste of Mexico when they were treated to traditional Mexican candies, and the staff got a bonus taste when parent volunteers cooked an authentic Mexican meal for them.

Although the program’s band was out of Dallas, the traditional dancing performance featured the local talents of Ms. Solis and Ms. Pate, with the help of their children, Chicky Solis and Eve Pate.

Based on the cheers and clapping from the Godwin crowd, it was clear the students enjoyed the experience.

 “Celebrating other cultures is important for students to develop not only respect for other cultures but to also appreciate what other cultures have to offer,” Ms. Pate said. “Celebrating equality among all cultures is important for kids and adults everywhere.”

The Mariachi band. Valeria Torres and Rubi Galaviz. The organizers hope this is only the beginning in providing more cultural awareness to the campus.

“We were all so excited to share our culture with our students,” Ms. Solis said. “As our district grows and more cultures enter, it is our hope that this event can grow to eventually become an event that celebrates the many cultures in our community.”


Students sang De Colores and Cielito Lindo.