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PHS students design artwork for Onion Festival

Caroline Davidson

The Lions Club tapped into the creative talents of Princeton High School students for this year’s commemorative Onion Festival T-shirt.

The winning image was created using a compilation of the work designed by Caroline Davidson and Kevin Peres.

“We always use student artwork for our promotional logo because it’s a way to recognize and celebrate our students,” said Lions Club President Casey Gunnels.

For their creative efforts, Caroline and Kevin received a free T-shirt, featuring their graphics, as well as a $25 gift card.

Onion Festival organizers presented the project idea to the graphic design students at PHS, who then created drafts of their design using Adobe Photoshop.

According to Mr. Gunnels, this project gives students the opportunity to create a real-world product using a real-world process. Students were using computer programs to draw images, such as onions, trophies and panthers.

“They started with a blank screen,” Mr. Gunnels said. “And a several-step process created a cool design that was used on our T-shirts to commemorate our annual Onion Festival.”

Both students have future plans for their design talents.

Caroline Davidson, who is a sophomore cosmetology student, enrolled in classes to hone her interests into usable skills.

“I’m in cosmetology and taking graphic design and photojournalism so I can use my creativity,” she said. “These classes all help me to create, and once I’m a cosmetologist, I want to be able to make a website and have it look nice.”

Junior Kevin Peres tries to use his graphic design class to improve and expand his knowledge of the craft because he wants a career in the field. He said projects like the T-shirt are a good way to learn through real-world situations.

“I like how the Onion Festival uses students to create the shirt design,” Kevin said. “It really makes it more personal, and we get to create something for people to see. It shows them how good you really can be.”

Kevin, who plays soccer for PHS, has already used his graphic skills to design the jersey for next year’s squad.

“I keep putting my work out there in different ways,” he said. “I made a company logo for my parent’s business. I hope this all leads to a career in graphic design.”

Kevin Peres