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Mad scientists in the making

Max Garza and Cathrine Shaddox. Students in the Integrated Physics and Chemistry class learned the basics for becoming a “mad scientist” as their lab experiments created substances such as slime and elephant’s toothpaste.

“When you take two things to make one new thing, it’s called synthesis,” said sophomore Liz Acosta, who was working with lab partners for the experiments.

The students made slime out of an Elmer’s glue solution and borax.

In addition to synthesis, students also learned about the decomposition reaction.

“For this lab, the students used a catalyst of yeast with hydrogen peroxide,” said IPC teacher Naureen Fielding.

The result was a lab sink full of growing pink foam, or, better known as elephant’s toothpaste.

Brenda Dominguez and Daniel Loya. “The reaction was neat to watch,” Liz said. “It foamed up so fast, and it was better than making slime, because you can get that anywhere.”

To close out this science unit, the students learned oxidation and combustion.

“We conducted the lab for oxidation with steel wool and salt water,” Mrs. Fielding said. “And for combustion, we used corn starch and Mrs. Fielding’s hot air.”

Students photographed conducting the IPC lab experiments include:

Brenda Dominguez and Daniel Loya Nevarez create a synthesis reaction by combining a glue subtance and borax.

Max Garza and Cathrine Shaddox measure the foam created during a decomposition reaction.

Morgan Markham and Lizbet Duran. Danasia Flowers and Brianna Ostrander finish their slime lab.

Lizbet Duran and Morgan Markham demonstrate lab safety by wearing their goggles.

Danasia Flowers and Brianna Ostrander.