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Pre-K students introduced to technology

Students received Hour of Code certificates. Pre-K students at Smith Elementary participated in a global learning event. “Hour of Code,” which was first launched in 2013, is designed to encourage students to learn computer science skills.

“Hour of Code” was created by the non-profit organization and is scheduled each December to coincide with Computer Science Education Week, which has more than 300 partners, including Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Disney and more.

“For my Pre-K class, it was a fun introduction to new technology-related vocabulary and activities,” said Smith teacher Jennifer Nantz. “We learned about the terms binary, encode, decode, algorithm, program/code and de-bug.”

According to Ms. Nantz, each vocabulary term was paired with an activity using either "plugged" (device driven) or "unplugged" activities.

“During our hour, we made binary letter bracelets and explored with real coding robots called BEE BOTS,” she said. “We also got our bodies moving with an ABC activity that had events written in it and explored on coding apps using iPads.”

PISD’s Director of Technology David Vincent spoke with the class and showed students the inside of a computer.

“He also shared with the class what led him into the field of technology,” Ms. Nantz said.

PISD instructional coach Jason Brown, who specializes in technology, was also invited to the event to share and help with activities.

David Vincent Jason Brown “We had a great time, and when our event was finished, everyone was awarded a certificate of completion,” Ms. Nantz said. “This was my second year working with coding concepts in Pre-K and my first year to host an ‘Hour of Code’ event. It was exciting to see Smith Elementary represented on the event map.”




Joe Mott