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Clark library to get new look

Clark students begin library project. With summer updates to Clark Jr. High preventing access to the school’s library, Librarian Kim Campbell opted to utilize the students and their ideas to refresh the media center for the new school year.

Mrs. Campbell has “contracted” with Richard Harvel’s business management class for the overhaul.

“With all the construction work going on this summer, there was no chance to decorate the library,” she said. “I thought there was no better way than to involve the students and get their input.”

The project involves three key stages, demolition, design and implementation.

“The crew came in today to begin demolition,” Mrs. Campbell said. “Which really just consisted of taking down all the old stuff from the walls and on the shelves. We want to start fresh by removing what’s been up for too long to give it a new look.”

The business students are already brainstorming ideas to update the library.

“I’m working on a sign post that directs students to the popular books and their locations,” 8th-grade student Elijah Nest said. “The sign will point to places like Narnia, Hogwarts and the Hunger Games nation.”

Once the students finalize several options and make proposals, the student body will get to vote on the best idea.

The library update effort will partner with the National Junior Honor Society.

“Once we select the best choices, we will take it to the students for a vote,” Mrs. Campbell said. “They can pick how they want their library to look by voting with pennies.”

The funds raised during the library update election will be donated to NJHS for their annual contribution to the Children’s Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

The collaborative project is tapping into several resources.

Students begin demolition. Emiliano Nevarez “We are learning teamwork,” said 8th-grader Kota Landeros. “We have to be able to take ideas from everyone.”

Erick Garcia, an 8th-grader in the business class, agreed.

“During business management, we learn entrepreneurship,” Erick said. “We are putting this to work as we remodel the library.”

About the photos:

Library aides, from left, Emily Garcia, Deborah Marroquin and Deja Alexander, serve as the sub-contractors for the library project as they are assisted by business management students, Erick Garcia, Edward Torres, Elijah Nest (on ladder), Kota Landeros, Bryan Elguera and Emiliano Navarez.

Elijah Nest removes an old movie-themed item from the wall and hands it to Emiliano Nevarez as Kota Landeros takes down a shelf decoration when the crew begins the library demolition.

Elijah Nest climbs the ladder to get to items on the top shelf at the Clark library.

Emiliano Nevarez trashes the movie reel wall hanging as he clears the way for a fresh look in the Clark library.

The business management students. Elijah Nest.