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District receives A rating from TEA

With the release of the Texas Education Agency accountability ratings, Princeton ISD earned an A for its performance, which is the equivalent of an exemplary rating under the previous measurements. With an A rating, PISD is in the Top 16 percent of schools in the state.

In most recent years, as TEA transitioned to the new system, schools were only designated with a pass or fail rating. This marks the first year districts were graded using a traditional report card system with assigned letter grades of A-F.

“Anytime TEA tells us that holistically as a district our performance is exemplary, that’s a good thing,” PISD Superintendent Philip Anthony said.

“Even though individual campuses do not receive a letter grade, we can interpret our grades for campuses based on the number grade they received,” Mr. Anthony said. “Using this information, our schools also performed very well across the district.”

Campus ratings:

PHS, 84 or a B

Clark, 93 or an A

Huddleston, 87 or a B

Godwin, 89 or a B

Harper, 83 or a B

Lacy, 82 or a B

Smith, 86 or a B

In addition to the overall grades, TEA issued distinctions. Using multiple indicators, districts and campuses receiving distinctions had to rank in the Top 25 percent when compared to similar campuses in a comparison group.

Every PISD campus had multiple distinctions.

"That is a significant accomplishment when you consider how few districts were able to get distinctions at every school," Mr. Anthony said. "Many districts had no distinctions at all."

Clark Jr. High led the district with seven out of seven distinctions in every possible category, including reading, math, science, social studies, academic growth, closing the achievement gaps and post-secondary readiness.

Princeton High School earned three out of seven available distinctions for its performance in the areas of math, academic growth and closing the achievement gaps.

Huddleston Intermediate earned four out of five distinctions for reading, math, post-secondary readiness and closing the gaps.

Each elementary campus earned multiple distinctions, as well, with Smith leading the group with four out of six available distinctions in reading, science, post-secondary readiness and closing the achievement gaps.

Godwin had three out of six in academic growth, post-secondary readiness and closing the gaps.

Harper had two out of six in science and academic growth.

Lacy had two out of six for reading and post-secondary readiness.

“It says a lot about our district when every campus received distinctions, so all of our campuses have bragging rights,” Mr. Anthony said. “This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our teachers and our curriculum department. This doesn’t just happen.

“We still have things to work on, but every campus has bright spots,” Mr. Anthony continued. “I am proud of our solid As and Bs across the district.”