• Brad Megert, Assistant Principal
    469-952-5400 opt. 4 then 2
    I welcome every student, parent, grandparent, family member and leader in the community.  By working together we can positively impact every student at Princeton ISD to achieve each of their life long dreams!
    Godwin Elementary School Mission Statement

    The educators of Godwin Elementary School believe that all children can learn regardless of previous academic performance or family circumstances.  We believe that our school's mission is:
    • to educate all students by providing a positive learning environment,
    • to encourage positive behaviors and attitudes, and
    • to support parent and community involvement  
    We believe in nurturing student development and achievement so that all students may attain their maximum potential.
    The Megert's
    Megert Life Motto

    "Success is not in a title or the money you have but is achieved by the grace of God. 

    Hard work, passion, loyalty and faith driven decisions are what set you apart from 
    others in this world.  In the end success is determined from the relationships
    you have established and the positive legacy or impact you leave behind."