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    Parent Information


    Below you will find some useful information regarding 2nd grade.   I will be happy to go over any information with you if a question does arise.  I am looking forward to teaching your child this year and making it a fun environment to learn.
    Policies and Procedures
    Please be understanding that I cannot send your child home with someone that is not on the list that you provided on the first day of school.  If there is a change in transportation, please send a note with your child stating who will be picking up your child at the end of the day.  If plans do change during the day, please call the office by 2:00 and they will let me know. One of the most important parts of my day is making sure that your child gets home safely.
    All of our students have their one special day a year and we love to make it as special as possible.  Parents, you may bring a special treat to celebrate your child's birthday.  We will enjoy the birthday treats from 3:15-3:30 in the cafeteria.  You are more than welcome to stay and celebrate with us! 
    Please do not send invitations to school, unless you are inviting the entire class.  We try to keep in mind that children do get their feelings hurt and are very sensitive about this issue.  If necessary, please give invitations to the parents outside of school to avoid any hurt feelings.
    Each 6 weeks, we send home a calendar with homework listed and spelling words for the week. 
    In 2nd grade we use a color change system (or clips) to monitor each child's behavior.  At the end of each day, your child will either get a sticker (no color change) or a note on the calendar stating what they received a color change for and what color they were on.  Please initial their behavior log each night.  If there is a continuous problem, I will set up a conference and discuss any ways that we can change this behavior.  We use Class Dojo.  If you need help getting connected, let me know.
    Listed below are the colors and what each color means:
    White = Great Day!  (No color change)
    Yellow = Warning; a rule has been broken and the child has been warned three times.
    Orange = Think Time; the rule has been broken again and your child must go and think about what they have done and how they can change their behavior.  The child will fill out a Think Time paper to be signed and returned.
    Blue = Loss of privilege; the rule is continuing to be broken and your child will lose their job or part of their center time.
    Purple = Send to partner teacher
    Red = Principal/Call home
    Good behavior is also recognized in our class.  Each student can earn Monkey Money when they complete a task nicely, behave well, or are helping someone.  There are many ways to earn Monkey Money throughout the day, and good citizenship is one of the easiest ways.
    Class Schedule
    Specials are on a color rotation.  If you know your child's color, you can call the office or email me their rotation.  Your child will also be able to tell you.  Please feel free to ask questions.