Welcome to Ms. Mauldin's English I and English I Honors Class

    Hello to all of my English I and English I Honors students! This class is all about expanding your creativity, making you think critically, collaborating with your classmates, and connecting your material to the real world. Plan on reading some interesting texts, writing all the time, and engaging in insightful discussions throughout the year. I am looking forward to a fantastic year with all of you.
    -Ms. Mauldin    
    Contact Information:
    Email: tmauldin@princetonisd.net
    Phone: 469-952-5405 
    Class Schedule:
    1st pd- English I Honors
    2nd pd- English I
    3rd pd- English I Honors
    4th pd- English I Honors
    5th pd- English I Honors
    6th pd- English I Honors
    7th pd- CONFERENCE
    Tutoring Times: 3-3:00pm, Monday-Thursday in the classroom and on Google Meets
    Student Supplies Needed:
    Composition Book (100 pgs)
    Glue Stick or Tape
    Pens and Pencils
    3 Different Colored Highlighters
    Markers or Colored Pencils
    Google Classroom:
    We will be using Google Classroom for both the in person and virtual students. Each student will get a class code for their class period. Click on the Google Classroom link to go straight to the site. You will need to sign in with your school email. Once signed in, select the + to join a class and enter the link for your class period.
    Google Classroom Class Codes
    1st pd: i4eahnf
    2nd pd: j5dq7e5
    3rd pd: duzze5c
    4th pd: gy7b56j
    5th pd: c2eygzu
    6th pd: cwpz4ge
    Virtual ENGLISH I Students: o76rnvv
    Virtual ENGLISH I HONORS Students: Choose your actual class period for your Google Classroom
    Class Curriculum:
    To access our online curriculum, go through Class Link on the PISD webpage and choose the app Savvas Easy Bridge. This will take you to our online platform. Further information regarding the online platform will be given in class.