• Meet the teacher

    My name is Melinda Brooks and I have been teaching Science since 2000.  I have a daughter who is attending college in Waco to be a radiology tech, I have a 17 yr old at home who plays football, basketball, baseball and has started team roping.  My husband of 22 years in a commercial airline pilot.  When we aren't at our real jobs we own and manage Brooks Farms.  We manage ~700 acres of land and run 150 head of commercial cattle.

    I began teaching, and continue to this day, because I want to be a positive influence in student's lives.  I want to help mold them into contributing members of society.  It takes a village.  

    My favorite quote used to be "If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten"

    But, over the last year I have simplified that to "Be where your feet are"  if you are in class- BE in class.  If you are at the dinner table - BE engaged in the conversation at the dinner table.