Fall Play registration Form. 


    Accept your role by attending Monday’s read through and tech talk.  All need to be present. If you are not present your part will be given away.  Please remind your parent there is a parent meeting this Tuesday in the auditorium at 6 pm.

    Mrs. Elizabeth Parsons Ware Packard-Charlee P

    Reverend Theophilus Packard-Zane L

    Dr. Andrew McFarland-Marquis M

    Mrs. Bonner-Reece A

    Mrs. TenneyAllisa R & Layla I

    Mrs. Chapman-Claire T

    Mrs. Stockton-Alexa B 

    Mr. Blackman-Casey A & Landon P

    Ensemble Bailee S, Kolbi W, Alex L, Karina I, Gabrielle R, Sarah B, Allison P, Kylee S, Marlean, Alec B, Kadira E


    The parts below are up for grabs.  You take them by being good in rehearsals and being present.  PUT ME IN COACH!!! These parts will be played by insane patients as if Mrs. Packard is dreaming them.

    Judge TDB Possible Cut

    Mr. Josephus Smith TDB Possible Cut

    Mr. Haslet TDB Possible Cut

    Dr. Christopher W. Knott TDB Possible Cut

    Mr. La Brie TDB Possible Cut

    Clerk TDB Possible Cut

    Mr. Stephen R. Moore TDB Possible Cut

    Dr. J.W. Brown TDB Possible Cut

    Mr. Abijah Dole TDB Possible Cut

    Dr. Duncanson TDB Possible Cut

    Mr. Blessing TDB Possible Cut

    Foreman of the Jury TDB Possible Cut

    Tech Crew

    SM: Lacey L.

    ASM: Jaden V.

    Head Light Designer: Cliff B.

    Sound Designer: Emiley D. & Hayle S.

    Makeup/Hair Designer: Sophina P

    Costume Designer: Leslie M.

    FX/Shop Head/ Running Crew Head: Parker M.

    Asst. Light Designer: Kalina G

    Prop Construction/Set Construction: Nolan ? 

    Projection Designer: Allison P. 

    Stage Runners: Parker, Jason, Sophina, Kalina, Nolan, Allison