• This is where you will find information about our after school theatre program.  If you are looking for student work or teachers, please visit the staff pages.

    High School-Mr. Stephens

    Southard and Freshmen Center-Mrs. Bradley

    Clark and High School- Ms. Buck


    See you all Monday 3:15 to 5:15


    Gaylen Gray - Zane L

    June Muldoon- Bailee S

    Rebekah Muldoon - Layla I-Emily D

    Pastor Phineas Wingfield - David W

    Tiny Wingfield-Abby E 

    Crutch Collins - Ethan K - Luke W

    Belva Collins - Karlie S

    Maggie - Leah B

    Hommer - Ben C - Freeze P

    Chorus - Sarah B - Hannah C  - Celia H - Natalie R - Mickey A - Maggie A - Allison A - Christian S - Gavin S - Dumebi E -  - Kiri B -Conner W

    Stage Manager - Gabby C

    Assistant Stage Manager - Donovan P

    Costumer/Make up - Alex Ln - Arianna A - Emily A

    Light Board - Jaden V

    Sound Board - Gabby C

    Backstage lights  - Emily A

    Backstage Effects - Arianna A

    Projectors x2 - Kayla R - Francesca T

    Set Dresser and Props - Jhett H - Dean B