• library
    Lacy Elementary Library 
    Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    Library Staff: Casey Sheppard
    Contact Information:
    224 E. College Ave.
    Princeton, TX. 75407
    469.952.5400 ext. 3227
    Fax: 469.952.5427

    Lacy's Library Mission 

    The mission of the library media program for Lacy School is to enrich and support the school community, as well as cultivate a love of literature and reading. This includes providing a wide range of quality materials on all appropriate levels of difficulty, providing materials and services that will encourage growth in knowledge, and encourage a love of reading. In order to accomplish this mission the librarian will collaborate with classroom teachers to teach students how to locate, select, evaluate, organize, and communicate information as it relates to Lacy's educational curriculum standards.


    Princeton Independent School District system supports the instructional program of its school by providing materials to reinforce, enrich and extend classroom learning experiences. The librarian functions as a cooperative member of the teaching staff, a consultant on the use of materials and a teacher of those library skills which help students develop competency in the independent use of resources.

    Princeton Independent School District libraries play a vital role in developing a love of reading and in encouraging good, lifelong reading habits. To this end, the librarian seeks to balance curriculum with recreational needs by selecting books of high appeal, as well as those which will stretch students’ minds and stimulate them to further inquiry.

    Princeton Independent School District libraries establish an educational environment in which technology serves a major role, not only in the daily routine of a school library, but as an instructional part of the library program. Students have access to a variety of media resources to help them succeed in their learning and have opportunities to develop and foster computer skills to prepare for life’s experiences in a technological

    Princeton Independent School District libraries are also committed to the ideal of free flow of information and ideas and to a cooperative relationship with each other, as well as with other libraries in their communities.