• Mrs. Crawford's Kindergarten Class 

    My conference time: 3:00-3:45

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    We are Harper,
     Hear Us ROAR!
    paw  paw paw
    snowflake  Happy Winter! snowflake
    Every Day is Earth Day!
    Do one great thing for our planet everyday,  
    you will make it a better place to live.    

    Keep your neighborhood clean.

    Pick up trash when you see it on the ground.

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

    We collect Box Tops
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    Make sure your child is eating a healthy breakfast every morning. 
    Good food fuels the body and brain, and makes for a great day! 
    What's Going on at Harper Elementary? 
    Every 'other' Wednesday is Popcorn Wednesday!!!
    $1.00 for a fresh, hot bag of popcorn
     Cupcakes may be sent to school on the day of your child's birthday.  We will eat the cupckaes in the cafeteria at 2:40.  Please no party favors.  
     August: Christina 12, Nolan 14, Eli 27
    September: Danielle 11, Cole 20
    October:  Juan 2
    November: Ronny 27, Isabella L. 27
    January: Nicolas 10
    February: Taylor C. 7, Paisley 25, Chesney 25
    March: Isabella H. 3, LaNaire 27
    May: Westen 6
    June: Brooklyn 9, Trevor 12, Taylor L. 22
    July: Mrs. Crawford 1, Draven 23, John 26
    Fifth Six Weeks Goals 




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