Safety & Security

  • The Princeton Independent School District is dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for students, staff and visitors on our campuses. In order to support that commitment, we have a Crisis/Emergency Intervention Plan that addresses emergency mitigation/prevention, preparedness, response and recovery procedures.

    This plan is updated annually, reviewed by staff as well as emergency personnel, and shared with district and campus crisis teams and other members of staff who may play a role in the event of an emergency. The plan prepares our staff and students for action and provides specific steps for action in an emergency situation. We are ready to provide for the safety and security of your children and others if the need ever arises. 

    As part of the plan, each campus practices fire, evacuation, lockdown, and bad weather drills throughout the year. This allows the administrators to be sure the staff and students know the correct procedures in the event of an emergency. 

    We also have a school marshal located at each campus full-time along with two School Resources Officers rotating throughout the district. 


Standard Response Protocol

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