• Summer school will take place at Princeton High School. Summer school hours are Monday - Friday from 8AM - 3PM starting May 31st thru July 30th. We encourage students to come in face to face to complete summer school hours as this route provides some oversight and students have a greater chance of finishing. However, students can complete summer school at home through Edgenuity. Instructions are below on how to access courses.

    To access Edgenuity from home, please follow these instructions:

    1. https://launchpad.classlink.com/princeton
    2. Login using normal computer login for school
    3. Click on Edgenuity
    4. Work on class until "complete" and email me when the course is completed.


    Summer School Contact Person: 

    Tiffany Matlock, MS


    Library extension 2977

    Library Lab extension 3076

    Attendance/Night School Website

    Secondary District Librarian

    PHS Library Media Specialist

    PHS Night School Teacher

    Ed Tech Advocate