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Mr. Roets

Welcome to my page!

My name is Michael Roets. I was born in Huntsville, Alabama and raised in Morehead City, North Carolina until the second grade. I had the privilege of attending Princeton ISD until I graduated from the high school. It is fantastic to be returning as a teacher!

I teach College Prep English and Debate at Princeton High School. I am excited to begin a new year! 

I graduated from Simpson College with a double-major in English and Philosophy. Each year, my objective is to help each one of my students improve their proficiency with both written and spoken language. To accomplish this, my classes utilize multiple literary works, including several novels, poems, and short stories. My students will also work together on extended projects during the year to demonstrate and improve their mastery of key course concepts. 

Learning to write is a lifelong skill that can aid students personally, professionally, and academically. I cannot overstate how important writing has been to my own life. I worked as a journalist, a literary editor, and a freelance writer before accepting my first English teaching position. My ultimate goal is to foster in students the same love and appreciation for reading and writing that has enriched and improved by own life. 

Please feel free to browse the rest of my site. Here, you'll find information about me, my availability, and all relevant contact information.