Degrees and Certifications:

Senor Puentes

Hey guys! 


I am Sr. Puentes. I am a Spanish teacher for Princeton High School. This is my second year with the Princeton family and I am excited to continue this new upcoming school year with you all. I am from Fort Worth and I am a Texas A&M University Commerce graduate. I have a Bachelor's of Arts in Teaching with a major in Spanish and a minor in ESL.

I started my teaching career in 2019. Education is the key to the future and I am ready to continue with my legacy in Princeton. I teach Spanish 2, Spanish 4 AP Literature and Culture for college-ready students and AP Spanish 5 Language and Culture for college-ready students. I am located in building C106 at Princeton High School. It is located right in front of the library.

The best way for you to reach out to me is via email. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to your grades or your student's grades, please feel free to contact me ASAP. My school email is:   

Students: If you have any questions in regards of your google clasrroom, either refer to me via email or look under "Stream" tb on Google classroom app. Each class period has a different code. Do not share the code with any friends because they might be in a different class period.

I am looking forward to seeing you all soon. Once again, I am excited tostarting this new adventure. 


  • Schedule document 2022-2023 is attached below.


    1st                          7:30am-8:20am     Spanish 2

    2nd                        8:25am-9:15am      Conference

    Pride time             9:20am-9:55am      Community Service 

    3rd                        10:00am-10:50am   Spanish 2

    4th                        10:55am-11:45am    Spanish 2

    5th                        11:45am-1:15pm     Spanish 2

    6th                        1:15pm-2:05pm      Spanish 4AP Literature and Culture

    7th                        2:10pm-3:00pm      Spanish 5AP Language and Culture