• Hello!!  

    My name is Shelly Benitez.  I have worked at Lacy since 2018.  When I started, I worked in the resource room and CMC.  I then moved to the reading intervention team.  I loved getting to work with students of all ages in small reading groups.  I created the Lacy yearbook for the school years of 2019-2020, and 2020-2021.  I am also the current Ed Tech Advocate for the Lacy campus.  I am excited about being a fourth grade teacher!

    I love to see when my students make connections in their learning.  I want my students to want to come to school.  I love to see my students creating foundations they will build on for the rest of their lives.  I know I have made a positive impact that will benefit them.

    I received an Associates degree in Pre-Nursing at Lubbock Christian University and a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Western Governors University.

    About me:

    I have lived in Princeton since December of 2008.  I have a wonderful husband and three kids of my own.  Two boys and one girl.  We love playing soccer, watching and quoting movies. I have two dogs and two cats. 


    Restaurant: Hat Creek Burger Company

    Coffee: Dutch Bros Co.

    Color: Purple 

    Drink: Lime Topo Chico

    Sweets: Dark Chocolate, Reese's anything, Gummie Bears, Jelly Beans

    Hobby: knitting and crochet 

    Books: Harry Potter series, Hunger Games, Divergent

    Movie: Star Wars, Princess Bride, Count of Monte Cristo 

    Teacher supply item: Sharpies and Gel Pens 

    (The obsession is real! :)

    Allergies- Wheat, Oats, Mango (yeah I don't like that either)


     " Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you're right."