PHS Gymnasium Procedures

  • Visiting Team Entrance/Exit:

    ● Players and coaches will enter/exit through the designated North center doors on BOIS D' ARC AVENUE at the back of the school. Your team bus will drop you off at that entrance and pick you up after at the same site. (see attached map for location and parking/entrance instructions)

    ● Parents and visitors will enter through West Parking Lot Gym Entrance through the covered walk way. Maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet (the ground is marked).

    ● Signage of the symptoms will be posted at this entrance. Anyone experiencing these symptoms will be expected to exit the building and not enter the main hallway.

    Ticket Information:

     Ticketing link:  Anyone over 3 years of age requires a ticket

     Ticket prices are $3 for all spectators on a first come- first serve basis  No cash accepted at the gate!

    Seating Areas:

    ● Seating will only be allowed in every other row. Rows will have markers noting areas that are NOT AVAILABLE.

    ● Family groups must adhere to proper social distancing within the seating area. Signs are posted requiring 6’ Social distancing.

    ● Spectators must be at a minimum 6 feet away from any student group.

    ● Spectators will only be allowed to leave the seating area to go to the restroom or concession stand.

    Gym Areas:

    ● Court of play is limited to participating athletes, coaches and officials.

    ● Visiting teams waiting to play will be assigned to the designated area in the stands of the gym they will be participating in (see attached diagram)

    ● Photographers will not be allowed on the courts.

    ● At no time will fans be allowed to enter the court area (before, during, and after).

    Hand Sanitizer

    ● Everyone is expected to use the hand sanitizer station as they enter the glass doors at the front of the campus

    ● Sanitizer will be provided for each bench area. Players must use hand sanitizer every time they enter the game and when they substitute out.

    Locker Rooms

    ● Locker rooms will be available for visiting teams. You will be greeted and signs will be posted to direct you to your changing areas. Please do not stray from these designated areas.


    ● Restroom facilities in the corridor between the 2 gyms will be available for parents and visitors.

    Masks/Face Coverings

    ● Masks/face coverings are REQUIRED to be worn by any and all people when entering and present at Princeton High School. (I.E. gyms, restrooms, stands, public areas, etc.)

    ● Children under the age of 10 are exempt from face coverings

    ● Athletes are required to wear their masks/face coverings while sitting on the bench or out of play.


    ● All teams must bring their own water bottles. ● Water will not be provided for visiting teams


    ● Any volleyball that enters the area outside of the court floor needs to be returned to the score table to be sanitized before it can be used back in the game.

    ● PHS will designate a set of volleyballs that will only be used during the games and sanitized after each game.

    * Volleyballs will be sanitized after each game and additional balls will be ready for warm ups.

    Common Areas:

    ● No congregating is allowed in common areas outside of the gyms or after the games.

    Spectators (family, friends, parents) must leave immediately through the designated exits and wait in their cars for athletes at the conclusion of all contests.

    ● Gyms will need to be cleared immediately following the conclusion of each game.


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