• Rogers   Chef Rogers

    Received Bachelors Degree in Family Consumer Science (FCS) at Stephen F. Austin State University.  Additional studies include training at Le Cordon Bleu for Culinary Arts and Weatherford College for Drafting and Design.   Member of Texas Restaurant Educators Assiciation; ServSafe Certification as a proctor and educator.  Teaching culinary as part of the Texas ProStart foundation.  Student advisor for FCCLA (Family Career Community Leaders of America) - received Master Advisor Award in 2015.  I have been teaching FCS for many years and have exerience teaching child development, money management, restaurant management, hospitality, culinary arts, COOP, interior design, fashion design, and parenting.  I enjoy working with young adults, sharing knowledge, and helping other people find skills to advance them in their future.





Culinary 1 & 2

  • Culinary 1 & 2 is in class only.  If you are doing a hybrid (in school and home) you will need to make sure you arrive to class on time.

    For supplies you will need:

    1 - Medium sized plastic box (with or without lid) no more than 8" tall - any color.

    1-2 pair of dish washing rubber gloves (may need more throughout year)

    Students with long hair will need pony tail holders to pull back hair during lab.

    Lab expenses for Culinary 1 & Culinary 2 students is $95.00 which covers your the cost of your certification exam, chef jacket and chef hat.  Culinary 2 students that have already passed the ServSafe Certification Managers exam will only need to purchase their new jacket and hat.  Culinary 2 students that did not pass the certification exam the previous year will need to cover the full cost of their retest.

    Those who are on free and reduced lunch have a reduced cost for lab expenses. 


Intro to Culinary

  • In class:  Intro to Culinary students will need to pay for their lab expenses that are $35.00 which cover the cost of their apron, cooks hat, and their ServSafe booklet.

    Virtual:  IF you are doing Intro from home... you will be responsible for purchasing any necessary equipment or supplies for labs on your own.  You will also need a way to video yourself doing practices and labs to submit back on Google classroom.  You will not need to purchase the apron or hat but you can if you would like.  You will need to purchase your ServSafe booklet and make arrangements to pick up your ServSafe Foodhandlers booklet in the office and pay for your ServSafe exam.  This will need to be done as soon as possible.  

    See Mrs. Emerson to check if you have any scholarships for lab expenses.

    Please let me know if you are on free / reduced lunch to adjust expenses.

Child Development

  • Child Development is offered as in class or on-line.

    Students will be setting up a virtual notebook no matter which direction they choose.

    If you are coming to class, please make sure you have a divice that you can connect to the interent and Google Classroom.