• The PISD Board of Trustees has adopted a goal to recruit, challenge, and retain qualified and productive staff that is supportive in all areas. The primary purpose of the PISD Staff Development Plan is the betterment of students' learning experiences through increased effectiveness of teachers, specialists, and administrators. Professional development in an educational environment increases the effectiveness of all who are engaged in the teaching-learning process. Each member of the professional staff must develop his knowledge and skill to the maximum and the educational setting must provide a positive environment which encourages and establishes the necessary development machinery for each professional staff member to participate. PISD offers a variety of means to foster the continuing education of its personnel.

  • Keynote Speakers

    At the beginning of each school year, PISD provides keynote speakers to:

    • set a positive tone for the new school year
    • arouse attention for an important educational topic
    • unify all staff members by affirming our organization’s purpose and goals for improving the educational experiences of our students.

    These keynote speakers are educators, national speakers, authors, and experts in their fields. Through inspirational/motivational/educational speeches, they share their knowledge and experiences with the staff of PISD providing insights and strategies to take back to the classroom. The following speakers are just a few who have been contracted to share their message with our staff: 

    wongs  payne  payne  wavelenght  sanderson  cupp  Laipply  Jensen  tate  Clark  Petrocelli  Brown  Burgess  Bostick  Sheen  Spangler  pulver Tim Clue

  • PISD Professional Development
    1. August In-service: PISD provides 7 days of professional development at the beginning of each school year.
    • The first 2 days of our August in-service are devoted to acclimating new teachers to the district.
    • The next 2 days are district-based, which includes a motivational speaker and presenters brought in to facilitate individual breakout sessions covering all core subject areas and a variety of other topics. The topics are determined from professional development needs assessments provided by the campus principals, areas of weakness observed from disaggregated student performance data, and district goals set by the Board of Trustees. The sessions are scheduled in the spring of each year, and they are entered into an online registration system. Before leaving for the summer in May, the teachers register for 1 full-day or 2 half-day sessions of the in-service experience. The teachers are given the choice to select the sessions that best fit their subject areas and needs.
    • The last 3 days of our August in-service are devoted to campus-based initiatives, curriculum academies, and preparation for the first day of school.
    2. Workshops/Conferences: During the school year, campus administrators offer on-site professional development sessions to teachers after school on a wide range of topics and send staff members to workshops/conferences outside of the district based on campus/teacher needs.
    3. Curriculum Academies: All professional staff attend 1 academy day in the summer, one in the beginning of the school year, and one in January in which they work collaboratively by grade level/subject area to disaggrigate student performance data and plan instructional improvements.
  • PISD PD Library  

    PISD maintains a Professional Development Library at the administration building that contains workshop videos, books, and periodicals on a variety of educational topics. Administrators may check out titles to use in campus staff development sessions, and teachers may check out titles individually to earn CPE credits. CPE credit certificates are provided upon request.

  • strive

    PISD has established acounts for all PISD teachers with Eduphoria School Objects Workshop which is a Professional development management system that streamlines staff course registration, portfolios and ESSA and SBEC reporting.

  • R10 New Logo

    PISD maintains a shared service agreements with Region 10 Educational Service Center departments that provide professional development workshops free of charge to district staff throughout the school year as well as during the summer on all topics relevant to the educational environment. Region 10 provides workshops at their regional service center, indistrict, and online.

  • Teacher.org

    Teacher.org is a teacher advocacy site for those considering teaching (and other avenues within the field of Education) as a career.

    Teacher.org provides: -State by state certification/licensing information -State by state teacher shortage information -Career information and profiles for jobs within the field of education – including salary and job outlook -Scholarship information including our very own annual scholarship opportunity -Detailed information on what it takes to become a certified teacher -Expert advice via interviews -Educator resources -Information written by experienced and certified teachers, administrators, and teaching professionals

  • edu hero

    PISD has subscribed to Eduhero on-demand, professional development platform. The Heroic Package includes district-wide access to courses in compliance and technology.  Create your login today with the directions below.

    Develop skills anytime, anywhere 

    Enhance learning by choosing the most effective time and place on the tablet and Internet friendly platforms. Improve efficiency by accessing unlimited online professional development in a variety of subjects.
    Earn certificates, print them out 

    Obtain official TEA Continuing Professional Educator(CPE) hours and print certificates from your account or share them online.

    Track your course progress 

    Manage your course progression to stay on track and organized. Courses automatically save allowing you to come back whenever you want.

    Level up and personalize 

    Challenge yourself by completing courses and earning knowledge points (KP) to unlock avatars and backgrounds. Monitor success on the leaderboards, share on social media, and compete with fellow educators across the globe.


    1. Create Accounts

      1. All staff must self-register by going to: https://eduhero.net/register.php

      2. Register using district email address

      3. Confirm account via email