Marlena Brown, M.Ed, Principal at Godwin Elementary

Phone: 469-952-5402


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's of Science in Education from Southeastern Oklahoma State University Master of Science in Education from Walden University Certifications: Classroom Teacher 1-8 ESL 1-8 Principal Certification EC-12

Marlena Brown, M.Ed, Principal at Godwin Elementary

Being a teacher was my dream since I was old enough to play school at home.  I modeled what I saw my teachers do at school.  I read every book I could find, and I loved school! I graduated from Southeastern Oklahoma State University, although I do have many hours and credits from OU, OSU, and  the Instituto Tecnologico de Saltillo, in Mexico.  I have had the pleasure to work with students for 24 years, and 21 of those years have been with Princeton ISD.  My first three years I taught first grade, as well as high school Spanish I.  I loved everything about first graders.  I enjoyed my high school students, but I did discover my heart was really at the elementary level.  Teaching students the joy of reading and seeing their excitment as they accomplished big things in reading was fun and very rewarding. 

When  I came to Princeton in 2000, I worked at the original Princeton Elementary in 2nd grade for seven years.  I remember worrying I would miss first grade, but little did I know how awesome teaching second grade could be.  I had students who were moving into chapter books and expanding their writing.  The joy and excitement for learning and reading was still there, and working with 2nd graders was fun! I didn't think I could ever teach any other grade.  As time went on, I had the opportunity to move up to 4th grade, where I taught for 7 more years.  I was the lead teacher and I taught reading, writing, and social studies, although I have to admit I do love writing the most.  I loved everything about teaching in 4th grade.  It was during this time that I earned a scholarship from Walden University, where I worked to earn my Masters degree.  At this point, I thought I should try out a middle grade, so I also taught one year in 6th grade at Huddleston with some amazing teachers where I continued teaching reading and writing, as well as a social studies class. 

I finished my Masters degree and earned my principal certification, and I had the amazing opportunity to move to Harper Elementary for two years to work as the Assistant Principal.  I remember feeling very nervous about leaving the classroom, but I knew in this capacity, the way that I could work with students would change.  I had the chance to get to know students and families and to help from a different platform.  I also could help teachers to become even better educators to best support our students.  Once again, I loved everything about working at Harper and being an Assistant Principal.  But then, I got a huge and unexpected surprise. For the 2017-2018 school year, I was asked to come in as principal at Godwin Elementary.  This has been such a positive experience and an honor.  Godwin Elementary is full of amazing students and amazing teachers.  I love everything about being a principal and being able to help teachers, students, and their families.  The community that surrounds Godwin Elementary is unique and special and I am so very excited to be a part of this school community! I am beginning my fourth year here at Godwin, and I hope you will enjoy some of the new ideas and additons we are introducing this year.  We want to create a safe, positive environment where kids want to attend every day.  We have big plans this year.  I hope you'll enjoy the ride along with us!