My name is Wayne Sorrels, and I teach 7th Grade Reading and 8th Grade STAAR Reading. 

    This will be my third year of teaching at Clark Middle School, following a 10-year career as an attorney.  My number-one priority in my 7th Grade Reading classes is to help students discover that reading can be a fun and rewarding experience.  We read several interesting novels each year and complete a variety of creative activities and projects related to the novels.  This not only encourages a lifelong love of reading, but allows students to learn the skills needed to master reading comprehension.  We will also be studying the different types of literary genres so students will know how to interpret poetry, read plays, and understand the author's message and purpose in nonfiction texts.

    I also teach the 8th Grade STAAR Reading classes.  I am very proud of my students from last year - the majority of whom succeeded on the 8th Grade STAAR test.  These successful students were able to expand their knowledge of the genres that were tested, while at the same time increasing their understanding of the test itself.  In addition, many students were also able to overcome personal obstacles (test anxiety, a need for reading fluency improvement, self-confidence struggles, etc.) in order to succeed on the STAAR test. 

    I not only teach the genres/content areas/strategies in preparation for the STAAR test, but my classes also study Growth Mindset and famous people who overcame obstacles.  The Growth Mindset activities help students both develop a positive attitude and see that prior challenges in life do not dictate one’s future likelihood of success.  My goal for this year is to help even more students succeed on the STAAR test, so that test day will be just another successful day at school for them, and not a day that should be dreaded or feared.

    I enjoy bass fishing, weightlifting, spending time with my family, going to concerts, and listening to the best classic rock music ever made.  Music and Language Arts are closely related, which is why my classroom motto is: English Rocks!

    I have a wonderful wife whom I have been married to for 19 years, and an awesome 12-year old son.  

    • JD, Penn State – Dickinson School of Law
    • BA (English/Writing), Susquehanna University (PA)   




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    Email  |  wsorrels@princetonisd.net   Phone  |  469-952-5400