• Hi there, my name is Kyle Lamothe and this will be my 5th year at PHS. What do we do in physics?  We address misconceptions about how the natural world works & work to  refine our model for understanding how things interact. To aid in that process we will work with multiple representations of a situation, using various combinations of the following: conceptual diagrams, bar charts, graphs, tables, equations, and verbal argumentation. The goal is to develop skills in both analyzing physical situations and communicating solutions to real-world problems. The course uses hands-on activities that drive physics fundamentals topics that range from Motion, Forces, Energy, Thermodynamics, Waves & Sounds, to Modern Physics. As much as possible the class will enable you to discover these concepts rather than simply being told. If have any questions or concerns feel free to email me at klamothe@princetonisd.net. I check it regularly and will respond as soon as possible.

    Meet the Teacher Intro Video: https://youtu.be/aeKF9LxRCuI

    1st Period       Physics
    2nd Period      Physics
    3rd Period       Conference
    4th Period       Physics
    5th Period       AP Physics
    6th Period       AP Physics
    7th Period       AP Physics

    Looking forward to a great year!

    Go Panthers!!
     From the 1st Annual Electric Boat Race