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    My name is Jill Peters and I am a special educator for life skills. I have worked in the education field since 2008. My experience in education includes working in a variety of settings: resource, severe AU unit, severe behavior unit, inclusion, transition, and life skills. My educational background started with an Associate of Arts in Elementary Education followed by a Bachelor of Arts in Special Education. My longing for learning did not stop there as I achieved my Master's of Science in Curriculum and Instruction followed by another year of college for the Diagnostician Program. I became a diagnostician as a way to further my knowledge and experiences within special education. After practicing as a diagnostician, I soon realized that I was not ready to leave the classroom yet! I missed the kiddos too much and stepped back into the classroom. I am grateful to work with students of all walks of life and strive to help all students work towards their independence. 


    The best way to reach me is at jpeters@princetonisd.net. If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to discuss by phone or in person, appointments will need to be made during my conference. Thanks so much:)