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Transportation Office
Phone: 469-952-5410

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Now hiring bus drivers starting at $25 per hour

Princeton ISD provides bus transportation for students who live at least two miles from their school or for those who must travel a hazardous route as determined by the Texas Education Agency Guidelines. To learn whether your address qualifies for bus transportation, click on the button below:

Bus RouTe Finder

The results of your search will look similar to the example below. In this example, the school is listed first (Godwin Elementary), followed by the bus stop location (Dahlia Way & Wandering Stream (NW)) and pick-up/drop-off time (7:41 am pick up and 4:21 pm drop-off). Below the bus stop location, you will see the route number before the name of the school it transports to. In this example, the bus route number is 33.

Students who live within two-miles of their campus will be listed in the "Walk Zone."

Crossing guards will be located at various intersections to assist walkers when crossing streets. 

Important Bus Information