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Parents can enroll their new students in Princeton ISD by visiting the school where the student is zoned. This is determined by the student's physical home address. Please review the Princeton ISD school zones maps or use this link to determine which campus your child will attend.

Requirements needed to enroll
During the enrollment process, you will be asked to provide the following required documents.

  • Proof of residency - This must be a current utility bill stating your name and the physical address of the home (we cannot accept P.O. Boxes). Residency must be established prior to registration. If you do not have a current utility bill, you may establish residency by using your closing documents from your new home or a signed lease agreement showing current dates. 
  • Student's Social Security Card
  • Student's birth certificate or passport
  • Copy of the students' last report card or a copy of the student's high school transcript (NOTE: If any high school courses for credit have been taken, a transcript is required.)
  • Withdrawal papers from the student's previous school (ONLY for mid-year transfers)
  • Up-to-date immunization records
  • Parent/guardian driver license

Need Help?

If you have specific questions or need additional help, please contact your campus registrar.