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Inclement Weather

First and foremost, the safety of the students is at the core of these difficult decisions, which sometime require us to attempt to predict the future.

How do we make our decision?

The decision to open or close schools in bad weather is based on a careful analysis of all relevant factors, such as the following:

  • Information on road conditions from transportation staff and police, giving careful consideration to the most dangerous roads in the district. Even if your street is fine, travel elsewhere may be dangerous. Also, we must consider that some high school students drive to school.
  • Amount of snow and ice accumulated.
  • Whether precipitation is continuing.
  • Building conditions (including electricity for heat).
  • Weather predictions. We prefer to avoid this when possible since they are not always accurate, but sometimes it is unavoidable.
  • What other school districts are doing. We also share information and check whether they are opening or closing.

Who makes the decision?

The superintendent is responsible for the final decision based on the above factors.

How is the public notified?

The decision to close or delay school opening will be posted using the district's Twitter and Facebook. In addition, both of these social media outlets are featured on the main page of the district website on the bottom right so you don't need an account to access the information. We also use the traditional method of notifying the local media so Princeton ISD is added to their scrolling lists and postings. A new addition to our notifications will be the Infinite Campus database to send text alerts. This feature is new, so we are still working out the bugs. If you are unsure, check district social media or the website. Keep in mind, communication will only go out if a change is made.

When is the decision made?

Since our goal is to have school when weather permits, we typically wait as long as possible to make a decision. Time usually gives us the most accurate weather conditions. However, we want to be mindful of parents who need to get to work or make child care arrangements. We also need ample time to post the notification of schools closing or a delayed start, so we make the decision by 5:30 a.m.

Will we dismiss early if conditions worsen?

Keep in mind that even if weather conditions worsen, reversing the decision we made in the morning cannot be made without possibly endangering students. Once the decision is made, many parents rely on it and leave for work. If we then send students back home, many will return to unsupervised bus stops and empty homes. If a decision is made to dismiss early, it will be done with ample time to notify parents.